Partial Dentures

 Drake Family Dental offers partial dentures for patients. Not only are they cost effective, but also are safe. Partial dentures are a great choice for people missing multiple teeth. When your mouth is missing multiple teeth, your remaining teeth can shift, causing problems. By getting partial dentures though, patients can ensure their teeth will not shift, regain a full smile, and also keep facial muscles, and their jawbone engaged and active. Partial dentures are also a good option if you are not a candidate for implants because of a lack of healthy bone structure.  Schedule an appointment with Drake Family Dental today to get your partial dentures.

Common Questions

A removable partial denture can last a very long time (10+ years) if you take care of it and your remaining teeth.

Partial dentures have arms that wrap around teeth to keep it in place.

It’s safe to eat with your partials on. However when you first get your partials you should start by eating soft foods. Avoid sticky or hard foods for a few days.


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