Teeth Cleaning

Drake Family Dental offers cleaning services that are both safe and cost effective. Getting your teeth cleaned is an important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Over the years, research has shown that healthy teeth and gums can help keep the body healthy too. Getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist is especially important because at home, most people cannot remove the tartar in between their teeth. This can help prevent bacteria from growing down the line. Don’t wait for plaque buildup, bacteria, and gum disease to creep up on you and your family. Choose Drake Family Dental to keep your mouth healthy. 

Common Questions

It is generally recommended to get your teeth cleaned every six months. But, if you would like to know how often to attend these appointments based on your specific oral health situation, you are more than welcome to ask Dr. Drake or a member of the hygiene team.

You will need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss your teeth at least once a day, and rinse your mouth daily. Use fluoride toothpaste when you brush and use bacteria-killing or fluoride mouthwash.

Dental cleanings are very important, and they are vital if you wish to maintain a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile. These appointments deeply clean your smile, eliminating risks associated with gum disease/periodontitis and prevent major dental problems. 

Dental Cleaning

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